David's wood craft  is unique with a beauty all it's own. All goods can be personalised with a name.
This lends itself to gifts for friends or as a souvenir for overseas visitors.
Everything is made in Western Australia using Western Australian timbers.

Dave can be contacted on 0452194607 and deliveries are fee in the Northern Suburbs. Dave can give you a price for other areas.
Any item that is sold can be re made as close as possible to the original but not the same, as all items are one of one.

Regards Faye
Aussie gift box Butterfly jewellery box Embedded Heart Jewellery box Felt lined Jewellery box Electric burn Jewellery box Heart shaped Jewellery box
$45 $45 $45 Sold $70 Sold
Jewellery box with 3 inserts Personalised box Personalised treasure chest Personalised sewing box  Embroidery box Felt lines box with inserts 
$80 Sold $70 $60 Sold $80
Three pcs round box set Jarrah tea box Box with gecko inlay Mini personalised box Rings and things Golden burl bowl
Sold Sold $70 Sold $38 ea Sold
Vivid colour candle holder 8 sided nut bowl Jarrah nut bowl Vivid colour scent dish Fruit and nut dish Mantle dish
$35 $35 $35 $30 $40 $40
Dish with wooden fruit 140 pcs sweet barrel Indian rug bowl Indian rug dish Painted fruit bowl Natural burl bowl
$100 $200 Sold $130 $40 $60
Jarrah burl bowl Lolly bins Painted plate Patterned barrel Mid coloured bowl Tiled dish
$80 Sold        $25 Sold Sold $60 Sold
Multi patterned bowl White gum burl bowl Japanese Cookie jar Dice Jar  Eight sided box 2 x 50 year calendar
Sold Sold Sold  Sold  Sold Small  $30       Aussie $65
Barometer Black but vase 1 Black but vase 2 Carriage clock Mantel Pendulum clock Skeleton clock
Sold $60 $60 $80 $100 Sold
Personalised Desk clocks Mini Jars Fifty year calendar Decor containers Potpourri bowl 1 Potpourri1 bowl 2
$40 each $25         $15         $20 Sold $40         $30        $35 $40 Sold
Set of 4 Sushi platters T light log        
Set of four. $60 Sold        
  All items can be personalised for a small fee. Just ask